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Our Programs


Our initial program will teach the fundamental reasons why honey bees and other pollinators are critical, even to our very existence. Members will be introduced to the different types of pollinators, though the emphasis will be on the local honey bee. 

Members will learn what honey bees require for survival and strength within their colonies. They will also learn how honey is created as well as the numerous varieties that can be attained depending on the season and geographical region. Finally, members will be educated on various honey and honeycomb byproducts.

Beekeeper Holding a Honeycomb


Any members interested in acquiring woodshop skills will be afforded the opportunity to build beehives. They will learn how to properly and safely operate power and hand tools as well as read blueprints in order to assemble each hive. Once the hives are manufactured, members will be transported to a pre-determined location to learn how to set up the hives in the wild.



Members will learn about the natural habitat of pollinators, largely the honey bee, and the importance of each species of plant in relation to sustaining these pollinators. They will be educated in preparing the soil, sowing seeds, and determining the location and particular variety of plant required to create a flourishing, pollinator-friendly habitat.

Community Garden
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